Asset Forge allows anyone to create 3D models and 2D sprites using building blocks. Finished assets are compatible with most available game engines.

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Here's how it works

You'll have access to a large library of pre-made blocks, they're each grouped in different categories. You can place an unlimited number of blocks in your creation after which it's possible to export and use in the game engine for your choice.

  • Move, rotate and flip blocks
  • Apply colors and textures
  • Export as OBJ or FBX file formats
  • Render your model as PNG

Using the batch exporting features you can export layers of your model, or automatically create a 4 or 8-direction rotation!

See how it works
(Rendered using Asset Forge)

Windows, Mac OS and Linux

Free updates

Supports most game engines

2D sprites + 3D models



Browse all blocks included in the latest version of Asset Forge.

Version 2.0

We're currently working hard on version 2.0 of Asset Forge! It'll be completely remade from scratch improving on every single aspect of the original.


  • Filter blocks in a collection using keywords
  • Custom blocks in 3DS, FBX, BLEND, DAE, GLTF and OBJ format
  • Custom collections support meta data for scale and rotation
  • Cut, copy and paste blocks
  • Set base grid height
  • Group/ungroup blocks
  • Hide/unhide blocks
  • Support for custom textures
  • Choose collection using list menu
  • Textures organized in folders

More features will be added to the list as they're developed!

Public to-do list
  • Will this update be free?

    Absolutely! Everyone will be able to upgrade to Asset Forge 2.0 without charge.

  • Does this update also include new blocks and collections?

    For sure, we're working on some great new collections including one with easier building blocks and one to create blasters!

  • When will the update be released?

    Giving an exact date is extremely hard. We're a really small development team taking on a huge project and we'd like to take our team to create a proper, and complete project. We're aiming to release the update later this year.


Join the community to share custom creations, report bugs and request features!

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Asset Forge is available as two versions, both offer the same features (and free updates) however the deluxe version includes additional blocks.

50 extra blocks

Purchase the beta version on (free updates, all platforms, easy updating using Itch):